We’ve had the pleasure of helping lots of people find their perfect property. Here’s what some of our previous clients have to say about working with us:

As a property developer and investor, we work with lots of estate agents but always enjoy working with IPS Estates due to their professionalism and service that they offer.

IPS Estates always strive to work with you through the whole process of communicating with the home owners and landlords to facilitate the sale or lease deals of their property and truly understand our requirements which allows us to work to everyone’s benefit.  IPS Estates took time out to get to know us and how we work so that they can understand our business and how we can collaboratively work together in the best interests of everyone.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and make the sale or rental of your property an enjoyable experience.  Cheers Guys.

Jill Kershaw, Bluerock Interiors

Just wanted to say a big thanks again for your time yesterday. The afternoon that followed although reasonably busy was full of wonder and reflection.

Plenty to go ahead with to research and read up on, but also I think some added confidence and ‘don’t complicate things’ approach to whats next for me.

Definitely a worth while trip – thanks again.

Michael Chilton

Hi Richard,

I have just read the article on the purchase of your family home and just had to email you to congratulate you on your perseverance, hard work and sheer determination. I have been a regular reader of YPN for about 4 years now and I must say you are the first contributor that I have wanted to contact. The magazine is full of fascinating individual journeys but for me yours stands out head and shoulders above any of them.

I have been in property myself for many years and have accumulated a decent sized portfolio over the years based in North London so would like to think I know what is involved in the journey.

Anyway, I take my hat off to you and wish you every success in the future, from what I have just read you certainly deserve it.

Kind Regards,

Peter Beisty

Although I’d been investing in property for several years through buy to lets, I was at a loss on what to do next. As a qualified accountant I could see the potential of property but not what to do or where to go to take that next step. Fortunately for me I stumbled across a network of people on Facebook (some good does come from social networks) who recommended Richard Jones to me.

My philosophy is that you should never stop learning but never one who wants to reinvent the wheel, if there is someone who has been, there done that, I am all from learning from their experience, good and bad. Richard is in his own right is a very experienced and knowledgeable property investor who has a booming voice and a large personality. It is very clear from our initial meeting that he has passion and drive for the world of property investing and this enthusiasm is infectious. I like the way he puts systems in place to ‘set and forget’ once he has gained control of his plan, investment, strategy and he is very much a man after my own heart in that respect.

Luckily for me Richard lives in my own town and knows many of the people I do, which in a world where you should always be mindful that not everyone is as honest as you are, is a great comfort and an additional bonus for me.

Due to my background in accounting you might think I have a slight advantage to others setting out on this property journey however, I know that I need to surround myself with a good network of people who had been there and done that, and from my first very meeting with Richard, I knew that he would be an invaluable asset to my property ventures.

I can’t wait for my next step into property begins and I am very happy that Richard will be with me as take my next steps and I would definitely recommend using Richard if you are considering property and don’t want to make beginners mistakes.

Louise Scattergood

I would like to take this opportunity, to say thank you for the invaluable support you have given me during this first full year of being a property investor.  With your help I have managed to purchase, renovate and rent out five properties. The contacts that you put me in touch with have been invaluable and have obviously saved a great amount of money. The mortgage advisor, the painter/decorator, the plumber, the plasterer and so on, they have all been of the highest quality.

I would like to say a particular thank you for the advice on the housing/rental market, this has been particularly valuable enabling me to avoid otherwise costly mistakes as you were able to advise prior to me stumbling into them.

Once again, Richard, many thanks and all the best.

Robert Faux, Dene Properties

Thanks for your help with the purchase of my first investment property which we converted into flats.  Your help and guidance was much appreciated as this has allowed me now to get my foot on the investment ladder. Furthermore thank you to Richard for his expert guidance on the conversion and rental advice before, during and after the project.

Malcolm Males, Kingsway Roofing & Building Services

As an experienced investor and landlord it is very rare that I come across tenant problems I can’t deal with or are unsure how best to respond.

Having had a situation recently where a tenant trashed the property, avoided any attempts of contact, had several months’ rent arrears and appeared to be staying or living elsewhere it was extremely helpful to get your expert opinion on how to deal with the situation.

Being aware of the fact that illegal and retaliatory evictions are a real hotbed of discussion currently I spoke to one of the major landlord associations and a solicitor to get there advice on the procedure I should follow for remaining within the legal framework for regaining possession of my property. Both advised I should follow a section 8 or section 21 notice procedure then apply to the courts for repossession and appoint of bailiffs to regain possession of my property.

After explaining the situation to you in detail, you advised to serve an abandonment notice on the property which I did immediately. The council contacted me because the tenant went to register as being homeless. Having explained the situation to them and advising when the notice was served and when it had expired, they confirmed that all was in order and they would be organizing emergency housing under their duty of care for my previous tenant.

Your property related knowledge is invaluable and I can always rely on you to provide clear, accurate and easy to follow advice which puts the landlord in the best possible position.

Thanks very much for the advice which has prevented me from a going through a lengthy eviction process, a huge loss of rent and rental voids. I can now get on with cleaning the property up refurbishing and getting property re-let and earning income.

Great advice, Great help.

Alan Barker, Managing Director - Aspray Property Services

 I have worked closely with those involved in IPS Estates for several years and they have been instrumental in helping shape the Benefits Service provided by Erewash Borough Council.

Philip Sudlow, Housing Benefits Manager, Erewash Borough Cou

After a bad experience with another estate agent several years ago I had been trying to manage my nine properties myself.  Two years ago I was introduced to Richard Jones by my architect. Richard immediately struck me as a man of integrity, as he put me in touch with skilled tradesmen and also passed on to me the excellent deal he had negotiated for energy efficiency certificates.

He has just rented a flat for me at a price that after his commission gives me a higher return than I had been receiving, but without the hassle.  

My experience thus far is that IPS Estates will increase your rental income to such a level that its fee is more than covered.  From now on I shall be able to go on holiday knowing that if anything goes wrong it will be dealt with by someone I can trust.  For this reason I commend IPS Estates to anyone who is looking for an honest agent to manage their properties.

Joe Cahill, Property Investor

I would like to thank you for the suggestions and advice you have given me this last couple of days re. the problem tenant I have, and what I should instruct my letting agent to say to the local council. I followed your advice and the council have now agreed to pay the rent direct to ourselves instead of sending it to the tenant.

Thanks again for your advice and help in dealing with this situation.

Vance Harvey, Defoe Property

I just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you for everything you have done for me... being given the chance to start all over again is amazing... Ben and I are so relaxed in the new house and absolutely love it... I feel like I have my son back, we have actually spent time together since we've moved. So again, thank you.

Julie Hudson, Tenant

Richard Jones is clearly a very knowledgeable, experienced, well connected and helpful person, and has helped me massively in beginning my journey into property investment. I would happily recommended him to anyone needing assistance at any stage of their property journey.

Darren, Property Investor

This correspondence is with regard to the recent NLA Meeting I attended, at which you were a guest speaker discussing the intricacies of tenants receiving benefits, as well as information pertaining to the new Universal Credit benefit system being introduced throughout England.

As a lettings negotiator for a well-known lettings agency I need to keep abreast of any developments that could affect my clients.  As a result of the information provided in the talks I am confident in my ability to advise  both landlords and tenants about the current LHA benefits system, as well as  the new Universal credit system.

The information provided was delivered in an interesting and informative manner, and the accompanying power point presentation made digesting the presented information simple, even for those without any  experience of the lettings market.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely attend any talks undertaken by Richard Jones in the future.

Carly Saunt, Lettings Negotiator, Residential Lettings

Following the sale of the above property to you I just want to thank you for dealing with the matter promptly and professionally. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Steve Holmes, Vendor